Budgeting Your Time and Expenses

We will help you with budgeting and finding cost-effective ways to organize, stage, etc. Our goal is your Peace of Mind!

Here is a guideline:

Linen              1 .5-3hrs
Master            3-12hrs
Kids                 2-4hrs
Utility              1.5-4hrs
Guest              2-8hrs
Gift                  2-6hrs


Pantry              1-4hrs

Cabinets          2-5hrs

Kids                  4-12hrs
Guest               4-12hrs
Master             6-18hrs
Hobby              6-24hrs

Office:              w/o Paper Organizing: 6-12hrs
                          w/ Paper Organizing: 12-48hrs+

Laundry           Couple with no kids - 2-4hrs
                          Family with kids - 4-8hrs

Playroom         Lots of big toys 4-12hrs
                          Lots of tiny toys 6-18hrs

Garage            1-Car: 6-12hrs
                         2-Car: 10-24hrs
                         No Car (just full of stuff): 18-48+hrs

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