We are Professional Organizers who care about your well-being.


Ask yourself two questions:

1. Do you feel at peace in your space?

2. Are you willing to be kinder to yourself?

Those two questions might not seem connected, but 
they are.

Why? Because organizing isn't just about de-cluttering,
sorting and cleaning. It's about creating freedom, ease and Peace of Mind.


We all need order, harmony & balance — in our homes, in our work spaces, and most certainly in our minds and hearts. But unfortunately many of us manage life with unease — constricted by our many belongings, overwhelmed by obligations, and drowning in the priorities of life. 

You can get that sense of peace & ease with any of our

amazing organization sessions!  

We help you bring your surroundings into alignment with your mind. It doesn't need to take a year, or even a month. It just takes some focus, determination, and readiness to change your life.



"Kathy’s process isn’t simply about making a space look pretty and organized… it’s about looking at your home, understanding how your family uses it, and putting systems in place to make life easier."

- Kim Cheng Hong

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